Saturday, May 28, 2016

Announcing Deb's New Project: Recordings of Favorite G.S. Campfire Songs

One of the great joys of my life is the time I spent as a camper and then as a camp counselor at Girl Scout Summer Resident Camps in Michigan and Ohio.
Deb "Gramps" Adler

Over the years I accumulated a collection of songs - sentimental songs, funny songs, rounds, nonsensical songs, spiritual songs, international songs, special songs made up as part of staff introduction skits and more. I kept them all in a thick spiral notebook with the Michigan state University emblem on the green cover. It is amongst my personal treasures.

I decided to record some of my favorite songs recently, and tested the idea out on Facebook - on a page started for alumni of G.S. Camp Narrin, in Ortonville Michigan. Although the camp is no longer (sold for a sub-development that never materialized) there is an amazing group of women and men who share their fond memories on that FB page.

I offer these songs with love and in Sisterhood.

(known by my nickname as "Gramps" - both as a camper and counselor.)

Here are the songs on the first collection:

Above A Plain, Birthrite, Desert Silvery Blue, Each Campfire Lights a New, Four Leaf Clover, God Gave the Wisemen Their Wisdom, Greentrees-Taps, I Know A Place, Lingering, The Night Will Never Stay, Where Does the Wind Come From.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alaska Judge Strikes Down State Tax Law That Discriminates Against Gay Couples

Alaska Judge Strikes Down State Tax Law That Discriminates Against Gay Couples: pAlaska law permits older married couples to take a property tax deduction that is as much as twice as generous to married couples as it is to unmarried couples who own their home together. Because gay couples are unable to marry in Alaska, this means that people in committed gay relationships are excluded from the [...]/p